hey! remember that i have a radio show? i barely do. RAT RADIO is not just a comic strip in MOTHERS NEWS about a stupid and obnoxious radio station but is also a meager & eclectic late night radio show on brown student and community radio, currently mourning the robbery of an air signal - http://www.bsrlive.com !

to make up for fucking around on many a monday night for the past month or so, tonights RAT RADIO starts around 11 or 11:30 and goes until i run out of things to play and talk about, hopefully a few hours.  featuring bands i learned about on tour, bands that have played in providence recently, the music of friends and maybe even a guest or two.  listen online at www.bsrlive.com, don’t forget archives exist forever if you ever wanted to hear my solitary voice during “the work day.”  also call 401-863-4277 with any requests or shoutouts!!!!!